The Future’s Bright Minds
My three-year-old son and I listen to the same ten songs on the way to school every single day. He knows all the words. So do I..
babyarabia.digitalcups – 04 Sept, 2016

It’s All In The Mind: Kids Whole Brain Education Classes
Brighten up at The Bright Minds Institute. Convinced your little one is a mini-Einstein (aren’t we all?)? Help them achieve genius status with Whole Brain…
sassymamadubai – 03 Mar, 2016

Doing a Whole Brain Training
Doing a whole brain training, stimulating the right and left side of the brain. Thanks for a great session….
kidsindubai – 23 Feb, 2016

Another Fun Class at The Bright Minds Institute
Learning the days of the week! Farah had her eye on the teacher the entire class, it was amazing watching her absorbing everything
farahandmommydiaries – 24 January, 2016

Our usual Wednesday morning class at The Bright Minds Institute
IInspiring class, great teacher, motivating songs and
activities – what more can we ask for?! Oh and we are totally walking…
ourbigdubaiadventure – 21 October, 2015

Brain Training For Your Little Ones
This is a refreshingly different class for your little bright sparks right here in Dubai. Apple seeds in the Gold and Diamond Park offer this class to their members and we were lucky enough.

mums like us – 04 October, 2015


Our first ‘baby class’ with The Bright Minds Institute
Last week, Josefin experienced her first “baby class”. At only 7 months, I was not expecting much more then a bit of socializing for her…

dubai our sandbox – 20 April, 2015


It’s time to get those little lightbulbs in your life flashing mamas!
It’s time to get those little lightbulbs in your life flashing mamas! The Bright Minds Institute is the place to get your kiddos minds whirring at their…

Sassy Mama Dubai – 29 April, 2015


Thank you @thebrightmindsinstitute for the very stimulating class!!
Thank you @thebrightmindsinstitute for the very stimulating class!! My KIDDOZ enjoyed this session of singing, learning, and fun!…

kiddozdubai – 29 April, 2015